A Bride’s Perspective – 5 Ways AllSeated Makes Planning Easier

We love hearing from our users about how AllSeated has helped to make event planning easier and less stressful!

 We thought it would be fun to share a bride’s perspective of using AllSeated so we asked one of our most recent satisfied users to list the top 5 ways AllSeated has made her wedding planning process easier:

1) The visual aspect — being able to see the floor plan of my venue and actually play around with the tables and chairs is really cool!


In addition to the cool factor, the visual layout and hands on approach helped me to figure out how and where to seat my guests.

For example, because I was able to see where the band would be positioned in the room, I was better able to design my seating chart. I knew to seat my older family members at tables away from the band because it would be too loud for them and they would be uncomfortable.

It also assisted me in realizing how to seat some of my guests who do not get along.  If you have relatives and/or friends who shouldn’t sit near each other, the visual floor plan makes it easier to recognize, navigate and arrange.

2) As I entered each guest into my account, it was super easy to arrange the seating and I loved that I had the option to see each guest’s name and the table numbers as I set up and placed each table.


It is also really easy to move each person from one table to another if I wanted to play around and make changes.

The 3D view is absolutely amazing too!


3) I was able to invite my mother and my best friend into my account so that they could see my floor plan and help me determine the best seating arrangement for my wedding. The technology behind AllSeated really minimized the stress of arranging my seating chart because we all had easy access to my account.

4) AllSeated provided me with an extremely simple and organized way of keeping track of my guest list and responses. I wish I had known about AllSeated last year when I was planning my son’s Bar Mitzvah! Using AllSeated for his seating arrangements and keeping track of the guest list would have been so much easier.

5) The report feature is awesome because I was able to generate a report of my guest list and associated table information to send to the person creating my place cards. I also gave a copy to my venue so that we are all working from one place and one list!

We would love to hear how well AllSeated has worked for your event planning too. Feel free to email us, we look forward to hearing from you! – allseated@allseated.com.