6 (and ½) Tips to Succeed In Selling from the Road


Especially when on the road, the non-stop emails, always being on call, hectic travel schedules and managing a barrage of details is enough to derail sales productivity quickly.


Having been on the road to our fair share of meeting and event venues, airports, hotels, and conferences, we know the struggle is real to keep sales productivity on track.

Thankfully there are tons of tools to stay productive and on track.


Check out these six tips (and an important reminder) to succeed in selling from the road:


iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web


Traveling across time zones and struggling to keep up with your to-do list? Try Taskade, a free task manager and list creator perfect for small collaborative sales teams.


Teams add tasks, notes, and communications together in one place. Plus a set of featured templates –including an event planner, marketing plan and team review checklist – make it easy to cut down planning friction and decision making.



iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web


Calm than inbox down.


Missive is a team collaboration app for emails, social media, and SMS, so no message is missed. Aside from using labels to organize or assign conversations to others for follow-up, sales teams can even live edit an email draft together.


iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web


Sales productivity doesn’t always have to be about getting things “done.” It can also be about learning, so when you do get the quiet downtime to focus on work, you’re prepared and inspired.


Pocket allows you to easily save articles, videos and images for later viewing – making it the perfect app for “binge learning” while you’re on the road.


Gooba 3

Currently iOS only


Trouble keeping all sales notes up-to-date and at your fingertips while on the road? Try Gooba, an all-in-one notetaking, and task management app. Notes can be exported in PDF txt, Markdown, and HTML for use anywhere.


Combined with a simple design, note encryption plus folder management, Gooba is gaining the attention of many road warriors.



iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, and Web


Wunderlist makes it easy to manage and track all those tasks and reminders that are part of any sales process. With synching between your mobile devices and your personal computers, drag and drop tasks between days and categories or share lists and notes with others to get to-dos done.


Due Dates, Reminders and Assign to-dos also mean no deadlines are missed – especially with a Wunderlist Pro account that enables collaborating and sharing lists with anyone.



iOS and Android


If Ariana Huffington has been talking about it non-stop for years, you know it’s time to listen. Sleep is essential for max productivity, but often it’s easier said than done.


Designed to build regular sleep habits, SleepTown gamifies the idea of staying off your phone throughout the night. Once you confirm you’re in bed ready to sleep, the first virtual building construction starts in SleepTown. If you start using your phone, construction stops. And if you make it through the night, a simple shake-your-phone at your designated wake-up time confirms the construction is complete.


Of course, many of these rely on Internet connectivity. Anyone who has searched for a signal deep in an exhibit hall or a luxe remote locale knows no or slow connectivity can be a major productivity killer. As a last reminder, don’t forget a lifetime data SIM Card if you frequently travel outside the U.S., or at the very least, a mobile WiFi hotspot.


To learn more about how AllSeated’s collaborative event planning platform keeps sales productivity and collaboration going even while on the road, contact us for a demo!