5 Wedding Tips Not To Overlook!

Recently we discussed what wedding planners wished brides knew in advance of embarking on the wedding planning process.

 As much as we plan though, little things can be overlooked which can turn into the big things on your big day!

 We picked 5 wedding details to keep in mind while planning your wedding which will help make your wedding day stress free and fabulous!

1) While dieting for the big day make sense, it’s also important to remember to eat and hydrate the day of your wedding.

All brides want to look their best for their wedding day which usually means dieting and an increased focus on exercise takes place during the wedding planning process.

It’s very important for brides to remember though that they must eat and stay hydrated on the day of their wedding! Brides have the tendency to be so busy and stressed on the day of their wedding that they either forget to eat or turn down food which is a huge mistake because it can lead to fainting, not feeling well, the inability to focus and an irritable mood.

2) Schedule all beauty trials and wedding day beauty appointments well in advance.


Make your hair, makeup and beauty treatments a priority. This is the one thing that is for you. Some people overlook it or leave it to the last minute which can result in rushed decision making, the inability to get the right time appointments and the possibility of not having things done the way you like them. A bride will not enjoy her day if she doesn’t like how she looks!

3) A timeline is very important.


Having a timeline, an outline of everything taking place on the day of your wedding, will help things to run smoothly and ensure that details are not forgotten.

The actual “party” part of your wedding is going to be well thought out and organized. It’s the rest of the day and the advanced set up of the party which includes floral delivery, photographer’s arrival time and rental set-ups that need to be scheduled, confirmed and shared with all parties involved to ensure that things run smoothly.

Your beauty appointments, limo rides and picture taking times need to be included and shared with all those involved who need to be involved in the pre-wedding activities.

Read more about how to use AllSeated’s timeline here.

4) If you have a bustles for your wedding dress, make sure to take someone along with you to your fitting.


If you plan to bustle your wedding gown after the ceremony, no one will know how to bustle it properly if they aren’t shown ahead of time. For this reason, bring a relative, friend or bridesmaid along with you to one of your final dress fittings so that the seamstress can show them how to bustle your dress.

This will allow them the opportunity to practice the bustle and then be able to do it for you on the day of your wedding.

For the grooms, if they will be wearing bow ties, make sure someone in the bridal party can help tie a bow tie!

5) On your wedding day, let it go.

When you wake up on your wedding day, take a deep breath and enjoy your day. Let all of the details go. You set the tone for the day, if you are stressed out, everyone else will be too. You have organized and planned every detail and now it’s time enjoy your day. Even if little things don’t pan out the exact way you envisioned, don’t let it ruin your day.

The reality is, no one else knows every detail you planned so they won’t know if something didn’t go exactly as you hoped it would. Let yourself be the bride, not the planner.