5 Tips For Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline


The key to a seamless, stress-free wedding day is building yourself a timeline ahead of walking down the aisle. Your wedding day timeline should outline all the important day-of details leading up to the ceremony.

But how do you determine the best times for your appointments on the day of your wedding? How do you create the schedule of events leading up to your ceremony?

We broke the details down for you in 5 easy steps!

1. Work backward

The two biggest contributors to how your event is going to flow are your photo session and transportation. To work in both in the right way, start with your ceremony time.

Let your photographer know what time the ceremony will begin so that they can schedule your photo session appropriately. Will you be taking pictures at the venue or somewhere else? Will you be doing a first look before the ceremony? These are important questions to address in advance in order to determine the rest of your timing.

Schedule your transportation based upon when you need to arrive at the ceremony. If your reception will be held in a different location from the ceremony, you also need to address travel time between locations with your transportation provider.

2. Beauty time

Once you know your photography and transportation timing, you can plan your beauty appointments. Let the hair stylist and make-up artist know your schedule so that they can best determine the best time for your appointments so that they aren’t rushed.

3. Don’t forget to eat

This is not the day to skip a meal! Make sure to schedule a time to eat in your wedding day timeline and even consider ordering the food in advance to be delivered to where you will be.

4. Let others know

The best way to organize everyone involved in making your wedding day special is to provide them access to a wedding day timeline.

Allseated provides you with the ability to build and manage multiple timelines for your wedding day. Easily collaborate with your vendors and entourage within the timelines to keep everyone updated in real-time and on the same page.

First, keep your vendors on the same page with a vendor timeline. A vendor timeline is perfect for organizing and confirming their specific set-up times.

Then, share a day-of schedule with your bridal party (or even invite them to collaborate on the day-of timeline with you), so that they are aware of the events taking place the day of your wedding. Provide your bridal party with the important times, including when they need to be ready for pictures. Enter their scheduled beauty appointments into the timeline as well in order to keep track of every detail.

5. Think about the End

Most venues have a closing time by when your wedding reception has to end (yes, sad, I know). If you think you won’t have enough time to let loose, you can often (though not always) extend the party into overtime to continue the fun. This is something you need to discuss in advance with your venue. Once you have an idea of when the festivities will end, you can schedule your ride home transportation accordingly.

With a solid timeline, your big day will be neither too rushed nor too slow-moving, but just right.

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