5 Benefits of Using Time Clock Software With Your Staff


We recently hosted a special guest webinar with Ubeya on the subject of mastering workforce management with millennial staff. The Ubeya team is back today with an informative guest post offering 5 benefits for using time clock software with your staff!

Running a hospitality service means you already have a lot on your plate (literally!), but on top of that you are most likely working with staff with changing work hours on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Time clock softwares are here to take all that stress away and help you keep track of your staff more accurately than ever before. So it’s time to say goodbye to messy paper time sheets and outdated punching machines to give room to an irreplaceable technology. If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are just five of the best benefits of using time clock software with your staff:

Get Rid of Stolen Time 

One of the greatest benefits of a time clock is the ability to eliminate time theft. With a time clock application, employers cannot approximate or add time to their shift. Rather, their shift is recorded exactly according to the time they clocked in and out of work. Many softwares also have the option to limit the clocking in and out to occur within a specific time frame window according to the shift times. With this automated attendance and time system, managers can stay reassured that time theft is no longer a threat and devote their time to growing their business and client satisfaction.


It’s finally time to erase the punch time card punching machine and excel spreadsheets. Time clock softwares allows employees to check in right when they get to work and check out on their way out. Many softwares also have a GPS feature for even greater accuracy and which can also be used to limit the location in which they can actually clock in and out. Whether you’re a service based business or work in numerous locations, the time clock software ensures that employers can always check in at the right time directly from the palm of their hands. 

Eliminate Buddy Punching

This term was developed to refer to an employee clocking in for another employee. Not only is this illegal but it has led to employers across industries losing millions of dollars in financial loss a year. When using a time clock feature through an app on their phone, employees can only sign in for themselves, thus avoiding all risks of them clocking in for other employees and confusing the records. As well, many solutions out there have a shared app for employees to report time and in this case use different techniques such as face capture as a signature of the employee who clocks in. 

Efficient Payroll Processing 

The time clock software eliminates unwanted costs from mistakes made while manually inputting data from paper time sheets. These times can be directly transferred to payroll and affect the amount an employee is making on each paycheck. With a time clock automatically recording payroll hours, managers can be ensured that payroll information is the most accurate it can be. The time clock can also help industries adjust the amount of employees needed for a specific event and understand the real staff need and cost. 

Improve Employee Accountability 

One of the best features is that it provides an audit trail. Everything revolving around clocking in and out of employees is recorded, tracked and stored for future use. Using an app also eliminates all possibilities of inaccuracies based on human error. Additionally, the software prevents any type of favoritism or changes to time sheets. Employees understand that they are solely responsible for their performance at work and will be taken accountable for any time off, lateness, or breaks. 

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