4 Ways Technology Affects Venue Selection


Technology is definitely making it’s mark on the event industry and venue selection is no exception!

Have you ever gone to a highly promoted event with your electronic devices fully charged only to find out there is no WIFI? Add that to the large number of cellphones all competing for service and you might as well have left your devices at home.

We took a closer look at how technology affects venue selection and we’re sharing the results below!

Fast, Reliable WIFI

From the situation explained above, it’s clear that WIFI is no longer just a convenience at events. In fact, it’s a necessity. Research shows that poor WIFI is the 3rd most frustrating factors with venues and venue selection.

When researching venues for events this year, be sure to double-check if they offer WIFI, and make sure it is easily accessible by everyone.

Changeable Lighting

We all know lighting sets the mood. So, it’s a double bonus is you’re able to change the mood of the event in an instant. A dim, romantic light is a great way to set the tone of the event but enhancing the lighting when you want to excite your guests or have them anticipating what’s coming next is a great way to spark fresh energy throughout the room.

Charging Stations

Because technology is becoming a prominent focus for the entire event planning process, it’s important to consider how to keep up from start to finish. Thankfully, charging stations have come mainstream. Keep energy high and flowing by making your charging stations a place where guests can come together and continue to network and mix & mingle.

Digital Signage

Remember the days when you needed to ensure you printed enough flyers, brochures, and other promotional items for events? Say no more, thanks to digital signage. With digital signage, you can promote your business or event with technology. Animated slideshows or marketing messages can be displayed on iPads, TV’s, and so much more. Since you already have WIFI and charging stations, getting your digital signage up and running is easier than ever!

We’re excited to see how technology further impacts the event industry and venue selection this year. Have you noticed any other interesting tech trends? Share them in the comments below!

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