4 Unexpected Inspiration Sources for Your Event Design


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” –Maya Angelou

Wise words from the famed poet.

But as any #eventprofs or #meetingprofs knows, creativity doesn’t always come easy—especially when the bar is raised with each event, and every client wants a new idea that hasn’t been done before!

If you’re stuck in a rut or need a little fresh inspo, we’ve put together a list of four unexpected sources for your event design. Beyond Pinterest, Instagram and your go-to blogs, these will get your creative juices flowing.

1) Museums

With the trend to more experiential events and meetings that involve participants, there are lessons to learn from museums that let guests get hands-on, play and interact.

For example, the new, expanded International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., incorporates historical artifacts, quizzes and even an RFID-based “Undercover Mission” that tracks your performance on the interactive. As its name suggests, the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA, encourages children and adults alike to discover the power of learning through play.

There are also others like wndr and the Museum of Ice Cream that spawned the rise of “Instagram museums.” Environments like these with their perfect Instagram-worthy backdrops took the selfie-game to a whole new level – and made the museums more accessible and shareable through social media.

Take a page from these museums or any of the other interactive exhibits around the world to find new ways to engage and delight event attendees.

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2) Pop-Ups

The trend of pop-ups – whether it’s a restaurant, store or other temporary installation – has been rapidly growing.

From dining experiences open only a short time to test new restaurant concepts or menu items to seasonal shops to temporary restrooms in Times Square, pop-ups by their very nature create a sense of event FOMO.


From an event design perspective, a temporary or unexpected “pop-up” element adds excitement and increases attendee engagement – no matter whether it’s at the start of an event, in the middle or at the end. It doesn’t have to be big or complex, but adding an event design element that surprises and delights event attendees goes a long way to creating a memorable event.

3) Children’s Literature and Crafts

If you haven’t browsed the children’s lit section at your local library or bookstore lately or checked out a craft store, it’s time to visit!

From colorful illustrations, interesting shapes and patterns to stylized typography and more, kids’ books are a treasure trove of event design inspiration! Start by browsing some of your favorite childhood reads and then move on to contemporary authors and illustrators for fresh inspiration.


Same with the craft store. From maker-inspired activities to new textures and materials, event design becomes more playful and nostalgic by tapping into the crafting trends du jour.

4) Paint Companies

OK, this might be the most unexpected source, but hear us out. Each year Pantone designates a “color of the year” – which quickly becomes a popular hue used in everything from art, fashion, home décor and more.

pantone color of year

Beyond Pantone, companies like Behr Paint also release coordinated color palettes. What makes these color combos an ideal source for event design inspiration is that they go beyond a single color to an entire color scheme.

Event planners and designers can draw inspiration from these carefully arranged primary colors and bold accents – incorporating the complementary colors in everything from lighting, linens, flowers, décor and even food and beverage to shape their overall color scheme.

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