4 Tips For Creating An Extraordinary Bridal Shower


Victoria Staton, owner and lead planner of Victoria Staton International Events, LLC is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to share her tips for creating an extraordinary bridal shower. Thanks Victoria!

1) Make it Personal!

When sitting down to come up with ideas for the bridal shower make it personal. By “make it personal” we mean that you should take aspects of the bride’s style and personality and incorporate them into the bridal shower.  For example, if your bride is a total bohemian lover of all things flower crowns and shabby chic then maybe opt for an event in a local forest or park with light music in the background.

tips for planning an extraordinary bridal shower

2) Choose a Theme!

In order to create “laser focus” as we like to say, choose a theme and choose it well. With themes there are several routes you can go. Consider something that matches the season. For example, if it is fall maybe “Falling in Love” could be the theme where you can incorporate barbecue food stations and cute mason jars filled with kettle corn for favors.


3) Add Details!

Something that we love to do at VSIEvents are to add details that most people wouldn’t think about. So come up with cute additions to the regular games, food, and decor. For example, at a recent bridal shower, featured below, we added a paper flower wall and folded napkins into roses for a more feminine flair.

tips for planning extraordinary bridal shower


4) Use In-Season Flowers!

This tip is important and can save you big time. Since August is right around the corner we thought we would name a few August blooms. When choosing your flowers look for Chrysanthemums, Roses, Lilies, and Sunflowers just to name a few. This rule also applies to food.

tips for planning an extraordinary bridal shower

We love to support local business, so we suggest checking your local farmers market for items such as bell peppers, squash, and corn! There are many more options, however we mentioned  these few since they are in season, easily accessible, and will come at a lower cost.

Photos are used with permission and provided by The Felicia Renee.

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