4 Quick Ways To Spring Clean Your Event Business


The spring season is quite busy for us wedding and event professionals!

Once things slow down though, why not reserve some time in your schedule to refresh your event business.

Give your event business some love with a mid-year restart by cleaning things out, organizing, refocusing and tackling those projects you keep putting off!

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of 4 quick ways to spring clean your business!

  1. Remove the clutter in your accounts & contacts

When was the last time you took a glance through your social media accounts, email inbox, and client list? Take a few minutes to remove the old contacts and clutter that no longer benefit your event business.

Clearing out the old makes room for all the new possibilities a new season brings! This includes everything from the accounts you follow on social media to the employee bios on your website that may no longer be needed.

  1. Consider the cloud

Have you streamlined your business processes and systems yet? If not, now is the time. Go through your files and documents to see what can be digitalized and stored on the cloud to remove redundant paper work and processes. You will start to see how much time is saved when everything is accessible in one easy-to-find spot.

  1. Send a survey

Now that your client accounts are updated and you’ve optimized your organization systems, reach out to the clients who are critical to your company. Perhaps they can provide feedback to help you improve your business.

Ask relevant questions to determine what your client are looking to learn how you can better meet their needs.

  1. Hire some help

Take a look at your goals for the year. Did you have new business development on the list? Could it be time to talk to a consultant or hire a full-time person to generate new leads? As we already know, every great event needs a great vendor team. We can’t do everything ourselves so it may be worth the investment to hire new help.

Each new season delivers a new chance to recharge and refresh your event business. Maybe you don’t have time to fully spring clean your business right now, but you may be able to set a date with your staff to decide when you can.

Remember, one small step in the right direction can make a huge impact the long-term goals of your event business!