4 Key Advantages Technology Brings to Event Planning



Technology is still a scary tool for many, including those in the event industry. Eliminating any risks that may occur during the planning of an event is something we all strive for, and believe it or not, technology is one critical way to do just that!

From keeping the entire vendor team on the same page to encouraging event engagement, today’s tech tools help to save both time and money for all involved.

Here are four KEY advantages technology brings to event planning.


Organization is key in every industry, but even more so in the event industry. With the event planning process comes a bundle of components that can wreak havoc during the actual event if they aren’t managed and organized properly. With so many various details to manage and maintain, it’s essential to rely on technology to keep everything in one place.


As with the many moving parts of event planning, keeping the team of vendors on the same page is vital to an event’s success. Relying on the tech tools available to event industry professionals today allows for a seamless collaboration of ideas, decisions, and communication. All of which lead to a seamless and well-executed event.


Guest interaction and engagement are key elements to creating the greatest guest experience. Guest experience is so important for so many reasons, especially for leaving your guests with the feeling of wanting to attend your events, time after time. Keeping the engagement high ensures the positive energy and experience buzzing even after the event is over. Social media, interactive polls, and apps allow for both event professionals and event guests to engage with each other as well as showcase their experience to others unable to attend.

Time & Money 

Time is money, and every moment spent on mundane tasks is another penny or dollar wasted. The advancements in technology today have allowed for these tasks to not only be automated and efficient, but also recorded to help reduce risk. This is fundamental when assessing factors for future events and ways to eliminate unnecessary elements.

By Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder & CMO of AllSeated

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