4 Fun Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated

As we approach the summer months, it’s common for employees to slow down their work as their workload decreases and the weather outside becomes more and more inviting. Unfortunately, this combination often means less productivity in the office. We put together these four fun ways to keep your team motivated, no matter the season or how busy you are!

Think outside the office

There are an abundance of studies and articles that explain the damaging affects of sitting at a desk for too long. In fact, to help decrease this damage, companies are coming up with ways to keep workers healthy during their 9-to-5. From treadmills that fit under your desk, swapping an exercise ball for your rolling chair to standing desks, there are tons of way to help keep health at bay. However, these new trendy appliances don’t magically make workers more productive and motivated. It’s time to think outside the office.

Grab your team and do a brainstorming session outside, eat lunch in a new environment, or even just encouraging employees to do a quick brisk walk outside can help get their blood flowing and spark creativity. All of which will result in a more motivated team.

Create small, bite-size goals

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Instead of bombarding your team with large, almost unattainable goals, try creating smaller ones that can be easily met. When they achieve these smaller goals, they will still get the feeling that they accomplished something worthy, and will motivate them to want to meet more of them. Eventually, these small goals will grow bigger as they get accomplished.

Encourage continued education

Regardless of the industry you are in, it is imperative to keep up with the trends, updates, and news. Encouraging your employees to take an online course in a subject they already would like to advance in, shows that you care about their advancement and in turn will motivate them to care about your business advancement as well.

Celebrate wins

Just like setting smaller goals, celebrating small wins can make your team feel appreciated. Whether they increased engagement on a social media platform, received a response from a prospect you’ve been trying to get in touch with or even closing a big deal. Whether big or small, celebrating your team’s accomplishments will motivate them to continue making more wins. It will also boost your company morale when other start celebrating everyone’s wins.

Remember, your team is the backbone of your business. They are your cheerleaders and promoters. A little reminder goes a long way!