4 Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Wedding Décor!

Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events is here today to discuss 4 easy ways to amp up your wedding décor. Thanks Janice!

I’m so pleased to have been invited to share wedding décor advice on the AllSeated blog today. I’ve been planning weddings in the Washington DC-metro area for 14 years. Suffice to say that I’ve seen it all!

I’m here to share a few often small spots at your wedding that could benefit greatly from a little bit of extra décor and hospitality for your guests. I’m talking about the overlooked areas during a wedding that couples forget about or don’t even know to decorate. I’m not talking about breaking the bank instead I’m giving you real, practical ideas for repurposing items and pointing out areas that you might not have thought about decorating at your wedding. Your wedding guests will notice and appreciate the extra touches and you won’t bust your wedding budget! 

The Entrance.

Take a moment to think about your guests’ first impression when they arrive on your big day – and plan to make it a good one! Can you incorporate a wreath? Tie off some fluttering ribbons? Affix a garland to a stair rail? Hang a framed graphic print? Skip the fresh flowers and make this is something you can repurpose in your home to remind you of your wedding day every time you see it.

Photo one - credit Michelle Lindsay [749726]

Photo Credit to Michelle Lindsay

The Gift/Guest Book Table

This is often one of the first things your guests see after they arrive at your wedding, and it is the most overlooked space. First, frame a nice photo of the two of you (maybe from your engagement session) and set it up there.

Second, use a pretty sign to instruct guests to sign your guest book and provide any additional instructions, if your guest book requires. You could also add another sign pointing your wedding guests where to deposit gifts and cards. The guest book table and the gift table are also good places to repurpose bridesmaid bouquets or ceremony flowers if possible. 

Photo two - Credit Deb Lindsey [749727]

Photo Credit to Deb Lindsey

The Bar

This is the one place during a wedding reception that I can guarantee each and every one of your wedding guests will visit! The bar is an underutilized wedding decor area. Keep in mind that your reception bartenders actually need the bar space to serve drinks, but there are small things you can do at the bar to spruce it up a bit.

First, set up a pretty sign listing your beverage offerings or signature cocktails. Second, pick up some pretty cocktail napkins and striped straws or fun stir sticks. The napkins don’t have to be custom, but it’s a nice touch.

Finally, if you have a beloved pet (or two) who were unable to join you at your wedding, this is the perfect place to set up a small homage to them.

Photo 3 credit Matt Mendelsohn [749725]

Photo Credit: Matt Mendelsohn

The Restrooms 

In addition to the bar, we know that your wedding guests will visit the restroom! This is a chance to add a little hospitality to your wedding and provide a thoughtful touch, but don’t break the bank here. A little goes a long way when it comes to restroom amenities at weddings. 

Ask your florist to leave vases for the bridesmaids bouquets to be nicely repurposed at the reception, and place one in each restroom. This should cost you nothing, and is a nice touch in a space that is typically pretty bland. You can also place a small amenity basket in the restrooms. These do not need to be big or fancy! Use a small basket, maybe that you already own, and fill it with individually wrapped mints, lotion, a Tide pen, Tums, Band-Aids and nail files. That’s it! I typically shop only in the travel section for these items and do not spend more than $40 for two bathroom amenity baskets! 

I hope you find these wedding décor tips helpful! Please feel free to share your thoughts and other ideas on wedding decor in the comments!

Learn more about Bellwether Events by visiting their website and follow along on social media @bellwetherevent. Janice Carnevale also wrote an e-book entitled The Elegant At-Home Wedding which you can access by visiting www.yourweddingathome.com.