4 Business Apps To Keep Your Team on Track

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s collaboration. We thrive on making lives easier with all-in-one planning tools for brides, event planners, vendors, caterers, and event hosts! But doesn’t everyone deserve the same level of streamlined collaboration? Especially in a business setting? We surely think so. So today we’re sharing 4 business apps that will help keep your team on track!

  1. Trello – Project Management

If you’ve never heard or used Trello, your life is about to change. This powerful project management platform works to help teams organize and collaborate on any project, in one glance. It works by assigning specific projects to a “Board” and using “cards” to assign tasks and document important information – including links, attachments, images, and more.

You can invite your entire team and assign them to specific boards, cards or tasks. Even more exciting, is Trello integrates with most business apps to help streamline everything and keep everyone in the loop.

  1. Slack – Instant Communication

Instant messaging is back, and better than ever. For busy businesses, having the ability to communicate with your team instantly is crucial. Using a free app – such as Slack – is a great way to improve your team’s communication, instantly and easily.

Available on desktops and mobile devices, your team members will never miss a beat when they are carrying Slack around.

  1. IFTTT – Automate Tasks

IFTTT is an automation app that stands for: If This, Then That. Using what they call “recipes” to create “triggers” between applications can streamline your entire life, so imagine what it can do for busy business owners and overwhelmed team members.

One example of how you can use IFTTT for your business collaboration is the ability to integrate your messaging system, Slack, with your Project Management platform, Trello to trigger alerts to your team when there’s a new update. Rather than overloading inboxes, you can create a ‘recipe’ to send a notification or message to a specific Slack contact or group whenever a new item is added to a related Trello board. The options are unlimited, check them all out here.

  1. Dropbox – Cloud-based Storage

We’re all on-the-go these days. And with the amount of content needed to keep up in the competitive marketing landscape, Dropbox will give you the assurance that all your documents are safe in one easy to find platform.

As a cloud-based program, documents can instantly be updated right inside of Dropbox and saved periodically to ensure you don’t lose any of your important documents. You can create separate folders for the different projects/teams/tasks and invite other team members to keep everyone up-to-date and informed on any document changes or revisions made.

This can be beneficial for situations like when you realize you forgot to update a certain client contract as you’re on the way to meet them. The solution? Have a team member sign in, make updates and it will automatically be there when you are ready to pull it up!

Have you used any of these business apps? Which are your favorite? Did we miss any others that are saving your business both time and money? Tell us in the comments below!