Bently Reserve VR Spotlight


AllSeated VR is the event planning industry’s first and only genuine virtual reality capability, allowing clients to view a venue’s property and event space regardless of where they are in the world. This vivid 3D visualization pre-delivers experiences to venues and vendors’ clients in a way that has never previously been possible!


The Bently Reserve in San Francisco, CA was the first venue to utilize AllSeated’s 360 VR technology. We spoke with them to get a glimpse into their thoughts and experiences with this amazing virtual reality capability!

“Imagine a prestigious venue that has a spectacular ballroom, beautiful chandeliers, and a magical marble and imperial staircase that gracefully rises from the floor,” said Jim Bruels, Director of Event & Sales at Bently Reserve, a world-class venue in San Francisco. “With AllSeated’s virtual reality, we can transport clients into our venue from anywhere in the world, immersing them in an authentic sensory experience that truly lets them visualize their event. We can sell them the experience on the spot.”

Bently Reserve and Technology:

Bently Reserve, which is also a green facility, has worked to be on the cutting edge of technology, no matter if that is 3D printing, LEED Certification or adopting Virtual Reality Event Planning. It just speaks to the innovation of the company!

The Bently Reserve always offer complimentary super high-speed internet throughout the venue, and pride themselves on offering the most innovative of technology including being the first and only meeting venue and conference center to offer iPad technology in its high-tech meeting rooms. The Apple TVs are 4K HDR  (using four times more pixels than standard HD. High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivers brighter, more realistic colors and greater detail and are utilized in the Cordova and Niantic Meeting Rooms.

When Allseated’s 360 RealPlans-3D became available, it was a natural fit for the iconic venue.

How AllSeated VR Helps Their Venue:

AllSeated’s virtual reality technology allows you to literally walk-through the Bently Reserve to see your layout. It helps clients to imagine their event while also envisioning what a specific amount of people would look like, through technology!

It’s been such a huge help for assisting clients to understand maximum capacity. By viewing through the use of AllSeated’s 360 VR, clients can decide if their guest list works or doesn’t work.

Bently Reserve 360 RealPlans-#D

What Clients Say:

AllSeated’s Virtual Reality tools help us for those clients really shopping their venue. It absolutely assists them in making a decision. It allows them to play with their numbers and judge on their own while allowing us to be completely transparent about our venue and ultimately, guest experience.

Planners are really loving this new technology as well. It has given them the opportunity to explore our venue and generate new ideas for our event space.

They have been able to develop and brainstorm many layouts using the VR technology that often they may not have thought of otherwise. Planners are able to play with various areas of the venue to fit both leisure and corporate clients. So many ideas are generated by exploring with the tools. Planners want to work with the Bently Reserve because of the VR!

Bently Reserve 360 RealPlans-3D

For our wedding couples and event hosts who have already booked their dates, they love taking a look at their event in advance through the technology. They are SHOCKED by this ability!

While these types of advancements in technology are still at a point where people are in awe of it, it’s definitely budding. AllSeated has taken it to the edge of where tech is and executes it so well. This is why we partnered with AllSeated! When these tools came along and we were looking at it, we were all blown away. We all said in agreement, “Oh, they’ve got it.”

AllSeated’s innovation goal has always been to inject operational efficiencies into the process of designing events, delivering a true advantage across the event-planning ecosystem and helping venues close more business.

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