3 Ways Facebook Can Benefit Your Business



We often use Facebook for our own personal reasons but what if we told you that Facebook has the power to increase your event exposure, attendance, and overall experience?

Don’t believe it? Here are 3 Facebook can benefit your business in 2017:


Facebook advertising has always been popular in the B2C community, but research is showing that even B2B companies can benefit from Facebook advertising features.

Using Facebook’s Lead Ad feature, event planners, caterers, and industry professionals can easily target, reach, and promote their event in just a few simple steps.

Your Facebook audience can also get all of the event information (and even register) in a few simple clicks! As explained by HubSpot, Facebook’s Lead Ads eliminate the need for users to fill out a form by using pre-populated data and cut out the landing page step, both of which skyrocket conversion rates and actually make the mobile ads effective.

Live Video:

Live video streaming has taken the social media world by storm. The popularity in using the ‘Stories’ feature has expanded from just one popular social network to practically all of them, including Facebook.

Facebook Live allows businesses to showcase their event in real-time, providing those who were unable to be in attendance a sneak peek of the action.

It also gets your audience talking with the ability to comment as the Facebook Live video is taking place. Using Facebook Live will not only increase your event exposure and engagement, but it will completely change the experience for both those in attendance and those who aren’t!


We’re always looking for ways to improve our work, right? Facebook Polls are a cheap and effective way to find out what your audience wants from you. By positioning your next idea as a question, you can dive deeper into the insights of your target audience to find out what they are looking for.

Facebook Polls are great for finding new ways to help your target audience that you hadn’t thought of already. Polls can be used during all event stages, providing you with the information you need to make your current and future events a complete success.