3 Things To Remember When Planning An Outdoor Wedding


Once the warm weather arrives, everyone wants to be outdoors, including wedding couples!

Outdoor weddings can be magical but require specific planning tactics to keep in mind during your planning process.

Have a Plan B.

Brides tend to fall in love with the fantasy of the sunshine-perfect outdoor wedding day and that is not always realistic.
It is most important to not only have a backup plan in place for your outdoor wedding but to love it as much as your first choice should the weather interfere with your planning.

When selecting your venue for your outdoor wedding, be sure to consider their indoor options should the weather not allow for your outdoor affair.

You will want to make sure that the indoor event space does not sacrifice any of your details and that it can accommodate your guests and floorplan.

Stress Management.

When planning an outdoor wedding, the weather is always a variable that you cannot control or determine in advance. The unknown factor of this is often extremely stressful which, when added to regular wedding planning stress, can be really overwhelming!

If you know that you cannot deal with the added stress of the unknown aspect of the weather forecast or the possibility of needing to make a last-minute change in plans, it’s time to realize that an outdoor wedding may not be the best option for you.

outdoor wedding planning

Other Outdoor Options.

There are ways to incorporate the outdoors into your wedding without actually having a totally outdoor wedding.

Consider a photoshoot held outside (weather permitting). If this is of interest to you, keep it in mind when selecting your venue to determine if their grounds provide a breathtaking backdrop.

Another option is selecting a venue that offers you the opportunity to host the ceremony or cocktail hour outdoors with the option at the last minute to switch to indoors. Sometimes having the best of both worlds is best for you and your guests. In the heat of summer, guests may not want to be outdoors for long but having only a brief portion of your wedding outdoors with the rest indoors is a great compromise.

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