14 Reasons Why We’re Giving Thanks for Virtual Events


Now is a good time to take a light-hearted look at all the reasons why we’re giving thanks for virtual events this year.

I think we all agree on what this year has felt like:

And while the initial cancelation of events and moving plans to virtual might made us all feel a little like this…

It’s fair to say #eventpros and #meetingprofs are in the groove and crushin’ it now – especially thanks to great virtual planning tools and immersive virtual experiences.

Knowing everyone could use just a bit more joy and a few more laughs to round out the year, we’ve put together fourteen reasons why we’re giving thanks for virtual events.

1. New WFH fashions
Business on top, party pants ready to go!

2. The most stressful decision of the day
Hmm, should I sport these today?

3. Discovering new-found focus
What distraction?

4. The mute button
How did we ever exist without it?

5. Finally able to put our MacGyver skills to the test
Be honest – who hasn’t tried to use mental force on the home WiFi to get it back online?

6. Best. Game. Ever.
Can you see my screen?

7. Easy access to good lighting & filters
BIIIIIG shoutout to the “Touch Up My Appearance” creator.

8. Virtual avatars, backgrounds and immersive experiences
Let your creativity shine.

9. Shorter commutes
Same for heading home too.

10. No more event-related travel hassles
Making a late connection doesn’t mean breaking a sweat.

11.Getting a good night sleep before the event starts

12. The rush when it’s time to go live with your virtual event
Let’s get this party started!

13. Calling the show
Like a boss behind the scenes.

14. Still able to work with my event peeps
Even if we can’t be together face-to-face ❤️!

So what are you thankful for when it comes to virtual events? Share your suggestion with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


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