12 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Clients

Bu Sandy Hammer, CMO & Co-Founder, AllSeated

The New Year always sparks new goals and resolutions. Your business goals this year may include working on ways to increase your client list along with figuring out a way to better serve your previous/current customers.

Client retention is just as important as seeking new customers! Today we are sharing 12 ways to keep in touch with your clients throughout the year which helps create and retain the ever important business/client relationship.

1. Start a monthly newsletter:

Keep your clients informed on all of the things going on in your business with a monthly newsletter. Not only will it help keep them in the loop, but it’s also a great way to encourage them to visit your website and keep up with you on your social media channels.

2. Send a birthday card:

Show your appreciation by sending your clients a birthday card! It will remind them that you care and that you are thinking about them, too!

3. Call them to check in with their experience and if there’s any way you can make it better:

A quick follow-up email or phone call can go a long way in terms of customer service.

4. Let them know you used their suggestions with a shout out on social media:

The more human you appear; the more comfortable people will feel working with you. It will not only resonate with the clients who gave suggestions, but it will create an awareness to others that you are dedicated to putting your clients and customers first.

5. Send a tweet thanking them for doing business with you:

We all enjoy seeing a new notification when we get online. This also may encourage that client to retweet the thank you, and in turn, increases your online visibility.

6. Start a referral program:

Give your clients a little incentive to spread the word about you and your business by offering something valuable for referrals. This can be limited to “VIP” clients to encourage others to buy more from you to reach that status as well as bring in new clientele!

7. Host an in-person event:

Offering a new service or product? Get the buzz going by inviting your community to try it out first hand or be apart of process with a behind-the-scenes sneak peek.

8. Ask them to update any contact information:

Whether through email or direct mail, this can be beneficial for both you and the client. Not only will it update your database but it could also help remind past clients of your business and the services you offered them. They may have forgotten about you and this is a great way to put your brand back in their mind.

9. Conduct a poll or survey:

Polls and surveys are great ways to gain more insight in the things your community is interested in. Wondering where to go next with your offering or which flavor, color, or packaging they prefer can help you better serve your clients and make them feel apart of the process!

10. Host a giveaway:

Another way to entice your clients is by offering something. Hosting a contest on social media can spark excitement from your clients and make them feel apart of your company. You can ask them to share your Facebook Page to get new likes in return for a discount, special offer or shout out!

11. Celebrate yourself:

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion. Send out an email, flier or status update to celebrate a new big project, anniversary or employee hire.

12. Invest in something they care about:

Is your community involved in a specific charity or a local school, business, or non-profit hosting an event? Find a way to get involved and let your clients know that you are participating. There’s a good chance, they will want to help you!