AllSeated Vendor Matching Addendum

 This AllSeated Vendor Matching Addendum (“Vendor Matching Addendum” ), is part of and subject to the terms of the AllSeated Terms of Use (“AllSeated TOU” ) located here (Terms Of Use), incorporated herein by reference, between you and AllSeated, Inc. (“AllSeated,”  “we”  or “us” ).

This Vendor Matching Addendum contains terms regarding the creation and posting of marketing campaigns for Vendor Services, how and what Vendors pay AllSeated for their Delivered Leads (defined below) and other terms specific to a Vendor that uses the Vendor Matching feature on our Services. Unless otherwise defined in this Vendor Matching Addendum, all capitalized terms have the meaning provided in the AllSeated TOU.

Please read this Vendor Matching Addendum carefully. If you don’t agree to its terms and conditions you are not permitted to use Vendor Matching and you may not run campaigns on the Services.

Vendor Matching

As a Host, if you click on a “Contact Vendor” link within the Services, the specific Vendor will receive information about you and your Event and you explicitly consent to the sharing of such information by AllSeated with the Vendor in these instances. Please see our Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) for further information regarding information sharing with the Vendors via the Services.

As a Vendor, if you choose to use Vendor Matching (defined below) the following terms and conditions apply to you. Vendor Matching is available to U.S. Vendors only. Any access to or use of the Services by Vendors outside of the U.S. is prohibited.


“Campaign” means the availability of Vendor advertising served to Hosts and other Vendors via the Services as informed by a Campaign Listing.

“Campaign Listing” means any information and lead criteria provided by a Vendor in connection with a Campaign, including but not limited to, lead type, start and end dates for the Campaign, vendor service area, user messaging and Target Campaign Spend.

“Delivered Lead” means a lead for a potential customer delivered to a Vendor via the Services as a result of a click on a “Contact Vendor” link served to a Host seeking Vendor Services.

“Cost Per Delivered Lead” means the U.S. dollar amount specified by AllSeated in the campaign manager interface as the cost per Delivered Lead during a Campaign.

“Referral Fees” means the amount of fees owed to AllSeated by Vendor generated in connection with a Campaign on a Cost Per Delivered Lead basis.

“Vendor Matching” means the matching of Vendors with Hosts that may be seeking Vendor Services based on AllSeated’s proprietary algorithms part of the Services.

“Target Campaign Spend” means the target maximum amount in U.S. dollars which the Vendor specifies in its Campaign Listing that it is willing to pay AllSeated per week in connection with a particular Campaign.

“Week” means a seven (7) day period from Saturday to Saturday.

Creating a Campaign. By using Vendor Matching, Vendors with active Accounts on AllSeated can create Campaigns and have the opportunity to receive leads for potential customers for their Vendor Services.  To create a Campaign you will need to complete a Campaign Listing and provide certain information using the campaign manager interface via the Services. For example, as part of your Campaign Listing you may enter location requirements which apply to your Vendor Services to possibly be matched with a Host looking for service providers for an Event in your service area. Please see the Vendor Matching FAQs for further information on campaign creation and Vendor Matching generally. You understand and agree that AllSeated does not guarantee that any AllSeated user will engage you for your Vendor Services.

Your Campaign will be available on the Services immediately after you complete and submit your Campaign Listing via the Services pursuant to any AllSeated instructions. Vendors may only run one (1) Campaign at a time and can modify, pause or cancel their Campaigns at any time. Each Campaign continues until the earlier of (i) the end date entered by you in your Campaign Listing; or (ii) until otherwise terminated either by you in your Account settings or by AllSeated in accordance with this TOU. Terminating a Campaign does not terminate your Account. Please the section below titled “Termination” for information on terminating your Account.

For information on the effect of a pause of your Campaign as a result of reaching the Target Campaign Spend target, please see the respective section below under “Fees and Payment”.

Fees and Payment.

Referral Fees. You agree to pay all Referral Fees incurred in connection with use of or access to Vendor Matching by you or other persons (including your agents) using your Account. Referral Fees are exclusive of taxes. You expressly authorize AllSeated (or our authorized payment processor) to charge the payment method you provide with your Account information (or as updated by you thereafter) for all Referral Fees. In addition, you agree that AllSeated (or our authorized payment processor) may charge your for verification and pre-authorization purposes and you agree to bear any additional charges that your bank or other financial service provider may levy on you.

Payments. Payments for all Referral Fees will be charged to your payment method within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery of the applicable lead information for a Delivered Lead to your Account within the Services. All payments under these TOU will be made in U.S. dollars.  AllSeated may, in its sole discretion, extend, revise or revoke credit at any time.

If for any reason we or our payment processor are unable to process any applicable payments for amounts due, you will be blocked from accessing or using Vendor Matching until you provide updated payment information or make any past due payments. You will pay (i) all taxes and other government charges and (ii) reasonable expenses and attorneys’ fees AllSeated incurs in collecting past due payments.  All charges are solely based on AllSeated’s measurements for Vendor Matching and the applicable billing metrics (e.g., clicks on Vendor Contact links ) and no other source.

Reporting.  AllSeated will provide Vendor with access to real time reporting data on the Delivered Leads through a dashboard tool part of the Services.

Target Campaign Spend. When you create a Campaign using the Services, you will be able to set a Target Campaign Spend (“TCS”) amount for the Campaign.  In relation to the TCS, AllSeated will use commercially reasonable efforts to pause your Campaign on the date the Referral Fees incurred by you is equal to the TCS until the next Week begins, except when the Referral Fees incurred in that Week exceed the TCS because of the cost of one Delivered Lead (including Referral Fees incurred after the end-date specified by you in the Campaign Listing) and you agree to pay for any such Referral Fees. With respect to any Campaign which is first made available on the Services, or which terminates, on any day other than a Saturday, for that Week of the Campaign the Referral Fees will be accrued to your Account on a prorated basis.

Contact Information.

If you have any questions about this Vendor Matching Addendum, please contact AllSeated at