Plan the perfect event in collaboration

Through collaboration on one platform and floorplan design tools, we make planning events easy!


Work with your event team, partners and clients on a single floor plan, with everyone constantly connected to increase efficiency.

To Scale

With access to 100,000+ floorplan templates and 10,000+ 3D objects, easily design 2D event layouts and view them in 3D.

Easy and Efficient
Event Planning

Save time and streamline processes
with an easy-to-use floorplan tool to keep everyone up to date and informed.


collaborative event planning with allseated 

✓ Easy floorplan tools
✓ Work all together on one plan
✓ 2D/3D viewing
✓ Save templates
✓ Generate reports

Experience the product possibilities

Simplify floor plan design and customisation processes with our award winning platform!

Plan Events With Your Own 3D Object Library

Genereate Custom Reports

Benefit From Auto-Seating Tools

Export As PDF Or Share Floorplan Via Link

Upload Custom Floorplans


You can register on allseated for free and start planning your first events today. Our Onboarding team is happy to guide you through our platform and the different floorplan design tools. 

Using Allseated’s floorplan design tools. It’s easy and accurate to create an event layout and arrange the seating chart. With a direct link to the event guest list, it’s easy to seat guests at tables and view the layout in 3D to bring the event to life.

Allseated is dedicated to continuously revolutionising the collaboration between venue, planner, service  provider, and organiser through cloud-based event planning. You can invite your clients and partners to collaborate with you on an event layout, share your designs via link and meet inside the 3D space to make changes together. 

With allseated, it’s easy to create a 2D event floorplan to-scale and view it in 3D. 3D viewing brings the event to life and allows virtual walkthroughs to experience the event before it happens.


Hi, I’m Feray.

I’m your contact at allseated for all your requests. Collaboration on one platform and 3D technology are revolutionising event sales and planning. I would love to show you around and learn more about your needs. Let’s talk!

allseated is all
about collaboration

We know it takes different parties and a handful of teamwork to create memorable event experiences. That’s why we’ve created a platform that brings you all together in one place enabling effective and efficient planning of events remotely. Everyone involved can collaborate and stay continuously connected without being on-site.

Choose your team below and learn more about how we bring you all together.

Event planner

Experience events with your clients and partners before they happen.


Venue owner

Showcase your venue and sell spaces remotly via virtual tours inside your digital venue twin.



Define resources and and streamline the planning process through collaboration.


Wedding planner

Make every little detail matter and turn 3D visions into memorable experiences.


Hotel Manager

Create seating plans, showcase your hotel and sell event spaces remotly via virtual tours.


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