Benefit from your Digital Hotel Twin

Allseated makes collaboration, communication and planning within a digital venue twin possible!


Work with your event team, partners and clients on a single floor plan, with everyone constantly connected to increase efficiency.


Simplified event space customisation with flexible use of 3D furniture and seating options in the virtual tour.

Virtuelle Site

Save time by offering virtual walkthroughs instead of on-site venue tours. Experience independence from booked rooms.

To Scale

Upload your 2D floor plans and with access to 10,000+ 3D objects, easily design
2D event layouts and view them in 3D.

Online Meetings
Inside The Virtual Venue

The entire event team can meet within the virtual venue in a video conference to host guided tours and make changes live.

Boost Sales

Showcase your event spaces on the website and in virtual tours. Increase sales and customize rooms live from a distance.

Showcase, Plan And Meet Inside
Your Digital Hotel Twin


✓ 360° Venue Scanning with Matterport Technology
✓ Sell Spaces Remotly With Virtual Venue Tours
✓ Customised Seating And Furnishing Of Rooms
✓ Save Floorplan Templates

Experience the product possibilities

Allseated connects virtual tour technology, video conferencing and floorplan design tools.

Plan Events With Your Own 3D Object Library

Share Floorplans And Event Set Ups Via Link

Online Meetings Inside The Floorplan

Make Custom Changes Live In 3D


You can register on allseated, upload your 2D floor plans and start planning your first events for free. Our Onboarding team is happy to guide you through our platform and the different floorplan design tools. As a venue please schedule a meeting with our sales team to dicover our 3D venue tour possibilities based on Matterport scans. 

Allseated is dedicated to continuously revolutionising the collaboration between venue, planner, service  provider, and organiser through cloud-based event planning.  You can invite your clients and partners to collaborate with you on an event layout, share your designs via link and meet inside the 3D space to make changes together. 

With allseated VISION products, it’s easy and efficient to offer virtual venue tours. Using virtual tour technology based on Matterport 360° photographic scans, allseated VISION provides venues with the technology needed to offer virtual tours to clients from anywhere in the world.

Virtual tours allow clients to view an event space from anywhere in the world. With virtual tours and walkthroughs, save time in sales processes, book more business, reach a larger market, and offer clients a way to view your venue and imagine it in an individual setting without being on-site.

As part of allseated VISION+, allseated CONNECT is the first interactive meeting platform within a floorplan. It’s now possible to meet directly in an event floorplan within a venue to do walkthroughs. With CONNECT, vendors and clients can make changes to the layout in realtime which improves vendor collection and ensures a seamless day of set up and event execution.

Allseated VISION will provide venues with virtual walkthroughs of event spaces. Using Matterport, 3D venues are transformed into walkthrough for clients which can be done from anywhere in the world. When using Allseated for virtual tours, venues will also have access to floorplan design tools, a website widget to showcase event spaces, and Allseated CONNECT for virtual meetings inside the platform.


Hi, I’m Feray.

I’m your contact at allseated for all your requests. Collaboration on one platform and 3D technology are revolutionising event sales and planning. I would love to show you around and learn more about your needs. Let’s talk!

allseated is all
about collaboration

We know that it takes different parties and a handful of teamwork to create memorable event experiences. That’s why we’ve created a platform that brings you all together in one place and enables effective and efficient planning of events remotely. Everyone involved can collaborate and stay continuously connected without being on-site.

Choose your colleagues below and learn more about how we bring you all together.

Event planner

Experience events with your clients and partners before they happen.


Venue owner

Showcase your venue and sell spaces remotly via virtual tours inside your digital venue twin.



Define resources and and streamline the planning process through collaboration.


Wedding planner

Make every little detail matter and turn 3D visions into memorable experiences.


Service provider

Save time and streamline event planning with collaborative floorplan tools.


Start Collaborating With Allseated Today.