Incorporating Candles Into Your Wedding Decor



Candles are an integral part of a wedding’s décor, with its ability to create a romantic and welcoming atmosphere throughout a space. With that in mind, it only makes sense to build them into every part of your special day – from the ceremony to the end of the night, there are plenty of opportunities to add some extra romance to your day.

The Ceremony

The ceremony is often filled with emotions, tears and lots of love, so soft candlelight is an ideal way to emphasize the intimacy of the moment. Consider lining the aisle with lanterns with pillars or displaying candle clusters around the altar space – or better yet, choose both and create a glowing path to your ‘I do’s.

Of course, candles often play a part in the ceremony itself through the unity candle tradition. The ritual involves three candles – one in the center and one on each side. Together, the newlyweds light the center candle to represent their new union as one. The ceremony can be further personalized by picking out candle colors to match the wedding’s theme.

The Cocktail Hour

Although cocktail hour is brief, it’s the first opportunity guests have to mix and mingle among one another while the couple steals a private moment to themselves before the reception begins. While most of the décor tends to be reserved for the reception, simple votives can make all the difference on a cocktail table. Look for fun votive containers that tie into your design and let them do the work!

The Reception

The reception tends to be the main event for most, so the wedding décor tends to be heaviest in the space reserved for dinner, dancing and cake cutting. While professional lighting certainly has its place (especially on the dance floor!), candles add an extra special touch to the space. Place them in areas that you want to highlight, including the cake table, the sweetheart table and the guest book table.

If your reception is indoor, be sure to get with your venue coordinator to ensure you’re abiding by fire regulations –you could also opt for LED candles instead! They come in every color and size you can imagine and many even offer the calm flickering of a wax candle.

The Post-Wedding

While the wedding day ends for the guests as they leave, the excitement is only just beginning for the newlyweds. Check in with your overnight accommodations to see if they can set up some LED candles before your arrival – that way, you’ll enter into a romantic and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for celebrating your nuptials.

Of course, everyone’s wedding is unique so there may be different ways to incorporate candles throughout the experience. All you need is a bit of creativity and you’ll surely have the wedding of your dreams!

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